See more ideas about garden netting, garden, veggie garden. If you live in the country and have a garden, chances are you have deer and rodent problems. 1550 mm is used with a top wire to make up the 1900 mm height. The first is by placing wraps around the trunks of trees. Plastic netting is a durable, environmentally friendly alternative to keeping unwanted critters out of your arborvitae, garden or shrubbery - and it won't rust like wire. Request our catalogue . We are the nation's leader in deer fencing, repellants, dog enclosures, bird netting enclosures for protecting fruit bushes & trees, as well as rodent barriers for rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels etc. I use deer netting from Lowe's to keep chickens in certain areas but not control of predators. Most popular netting size for Deer Fencing is #15 x 4" and #12 x 1-3/4". Use 8" ties for Deluxe Heavy Duty Posts, and 14" ties for Driveway Gate Ends and End or Corner Posts. 99 5. Margaret. One less expensive variation on the high fence is to use a commercial heavy-weight deer netting if the deer pressure is low to moderate. We offer three deer netting options that can handle your deer problems: Deer Net Folded, C-Flex, and C-Flex P which is our premium deer fence … Create a netting fence or drape it over your plants to deter deer from destroying your crops. Fill pump sprayer with deer-deterrent chemical and spray onto … Landscape professionals and homeowners alike use our plastic fencing to control deer, rabbits, geese, and other "critters". How to Use it: Netting, burlap or mesh can be purchased from your local hardware store that has a plant nursery. I use black zip ties to connect the two. Cover entire shrub with fine-mesh nylon netting. Deer netting is another term for deer fence typically referring to lightweight polypropylene deer fencing. Fence types Netting; Netting is a common material to use for both internal and boundary fences. Join our mailing list Fixed delivery cost Safe & secure shopping. Netting is an essential garden product, and now, with Multi-Use Netting, you can get more out of it. Some deer don’t mind the noise if they’re desperate to get some food, and some eventually get used to the fake danger. Product Title aspectek deer and animal fence netting 7ft x 100ft Average rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars, based on 5 reviews 5 ratings Current Price $21.99 $ 21 . Due to its high-quality materials, it needs no maintenance once set up. I just put my hand under to pick. Some deer repellents work better than others. These covers also help deter birds and other wildlife who want to sample your plants and/or fruit. Aug 26, 2017 - Explore Lillie Lewis's board "Garden Netting", followed by 996 people on Pinterest. This is probably the best, and most permanent option, although perhaps the costliest as well. 9: Fishing Line: Long-term action: Cheap and simple to install. How to Implement Deer Restrictions Throughout Your Landscape Use a tie puller and cutter tool to tighten the ties and trim the excess plastic. Used for deer and ostriches. This lightweight deer netting sometimes has 3/4" x 3/4" opening size and is also marketed as bird netting. This netting keeps the deer from rubbing their antlers along the bark and damaging the structure of the tree. Mar 16, 2015 24 0 22 Knoxville, TN. Pros and Cons of the Different Types of Deer Fences . Reply. I use metal grid fencing, buried in the ground at the bottom, and this product, doubled over above it, with a slight overlap. Use netting, burlap or mesh. If deer are doing the most damage to your garden or landscape, get the best anti-deer netting. Mar 16, 2015 #3 ldalton In the Brooder. The netting type fencing is less visible to people, but also to deer and can be damaged by deer trying to pass through not aware that it is there. 4. Quick and easy to install and remove. Attaches easily when chain link is reached. First assess your landscaping budget: If budget constraints are too burdensome, eliminate the more expensive choices immediately.The whole process, regardless of your finances, involves weighing the benefits and disadvantages of each product.