I get the comparison to Casual but they are somewhat different. It's just Glow is very powdery and is on the verge to cause me headache. It starts very creamy and clean, with lots of musk, orange flower and neroli and a rather subtle rose. Reviewed in Canada on May 16, 2020. Glow was my real first celebrity perfume that I absolutely loved and wore it constantly. I really want to be able to wear this but I really don't think I can. Glow smells much better throughout the wearing. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. I had bought it for a friend for Christmas a few years ago and she loved it, A perfect office scent that I would put in the same category as Chloé. This is - hands down - the most powdery fragrance I own. It must be the rose and the musk. I never thought I'd say it, but I love this scent! Starts off like a freshly sweet floral and dries down as a musky floral. On me, this is a very linear lemon-musk. Glow is the most oddly addicting scent in the universe. A powdery-musk I can get behind. I remember wearing this when it first came out. It's a savior when you need to smell not perfumey but clean and somewhat floral. So disappointed. Clean,fresh floral scent.. very different..loves to use this when its spring. Kinda lotiony-clean. I think this is a safe and versatile anytime scent, just don't overdo the sprays because then it can be a bit 'much'. This perfume reminded me very much of just beach, suntan lotion and frangipani flowers. Sunscreen rose! It does last very well which is good for those who like it, and the bottle is cute in my opinion, but that is where the good stops. I'm just posting it here now. It's not a bad smell though in fact I kind of like it and crave it sometimes when I want something light to wear and don't want to smell like perfume. Repackage it and re-release it, and I'd pick it up in a heartbeat! And that is all I can say to sum up what I think this fragrance smells like. Jenny Glow. But this is an exception. First spray of Glow is strong..very soapy,green,and screetchy. Glow has that bright, yet gentle summer vibe for me, but with a grown-up musky floral kick which I absolutely adore. I got the impression from little whiffs over time that I would love this. There is a hint of flower, translucent , but on me it is a utterly raw fresh powder. I love this for spring/summer or all year around before hitting the gym. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. I blind bought this fragrance recently. I have this on right now and I have to be honest, I feel like I am going to PUKE. It's a timeless appeal. Is it simliar or cheapy smelling? It manages to be a sexy interpretation of the smell of dryer sheets.. brings to mind warm freshly laundered silk sheets with rose petals scattered on them! So this gets a 10. This has rose, sandlewood, amber, and vanilla with a soft white musk. That's all. I really like this one though. I decided to rewrite my review of this, which wasn't very detailed. It's not really my choice for a scent, and I already own Rain, so I won't be purchasing it. When I was a teenager, I received this perfume as a gift in two occasions, so I used it as an everyday scent for many years. A good, solid daytime perfume at an incredible price point. I have one flanker, but it's not a favorite of mine. I spray it at Kohl’s and I immediately recognized it smelled familiar, then I realized it was White Shoulders! It is an absolute love for me. I have over 600 perfumes and this is in the top 30 perfumes for me. Im not an expert on fragrances but to me this smells floral sweet & powdery and it's not like other scents i would normally choose to buy as it is much more floral but all in all i am happy to have it in my collection and it is different from everything else i own i also have to say i really smell grape fruit in the opening when you first apply it. It smells like Ivory Soap with a touch of feminine class. Oversprayed this one makes me nauseous and I rarely experience that with perfume. I took a shower about an hour and a half ago with Ivory soap, unscented Aveeno shower gel, and moisturized my wet skin w/ baby oil. It smells very clean and soapy in the beginning, but once it has settled more into the skin, it becomes a feminine, floral, powdery and sexy scent! This is one of the first celebrity fragrances that I remember. I have already left a review on Glow but I have a suggestion for those who think this is screechy or sharp. This was my signature scent when it first came out when I was 14 and now at 29 I still think it's nice and quite unusual,it's fresh, sweet and recognisable. It's really simple. Allow a brand new dryer a chance to off-gas. have commented on it. Bought a new bottle, it has been smoothed down quite a bit: the older batches had a much more medicinal vibe that made it almost an aloof scent for the first hour. I sniffed this from the sprayer and I liked Glow's suntan-lotiony vibe so I went ahead and bought it...oh, my goodness, this stuff is STRONG; seriously, the only way I see myself being able to wear this is by spritzing a half-spray onto a Qtip and then daintily dabbing one dot onto one wrist and then dividing that tiny dot between all my pulse points! Maybe the rest are better. The bottle design is beautiful in shape and the fragrance has a nice color. All the girls in my HS use to wear this and OMG it gave me such a headache... Smelled like bug spray..... Back in my teens, I liked this fragrance because it was modern and accessible. A celebrity fragrance that wasn't Elizabeth Taylor! It smelled pretty good and I could smell it throughout the whole store. But I do actually have trouble with Opium, Youth Dew, Stetson, Sikkim, etc. I definitely think it's the soapy Vibe that doesn't mesh well with me. She's done a great job with her fragrances! Smelled at the nozzle and thought "hm.... Bebe lotion - my favorite" Sprayed on my skin this is a jasmine musk bomb that overall smells soapy and fresh. The opening is fresh and bright; the grapefruit is slightly sweet, and both, the tuberose, neroli, and orange blossom create a mix of floral and citrus notes. amazing on my friend, meh on me; fresh clean scent, sweet and powdery with citrus; grapefruit, musk, neroli, sandalwood and lots of orris. Definitely going to look for the Jenny Glow version! Maybe Im a little biased because I am a total. Smells very much like China Rain...at least at first. very pleasant and "everyday" clean, very pleasant, light but long-lasting. My dad just thinks it smells beachy and clean. i don't want to smell like soap, so this one is a no go for me. Tuberose has been slooowly but surely creeping up on me, been perving on Madonna Truth or Dare too (though I've never sampled it). I've gotten several compliments while wearing this. You can tell that jlo had her hand in every step of making this scent . I realize that description does not bring to mind something you would want to wear on your skin but it DOES. Shortly after the initial application, the musk, listed as a base note, enters the blend, with a clean, white, and projecting accord. It was me, outside. It's an original and a keeper. With this one less is more ;). THe most apparent notes to me are the jasmine, neroli and grapefruit. The other notes disappear completely and I'm left smelling like a white soap bar. I think in childhood I used soap smelling like this. The hair spray, floral dryer sheet thing may make people think of a clean smell which they equate with soap? The sandalwood and amber makes it very warm and sensual .Its a great fall and winter fragrance. However I am having major regrets after recently purchasing this as a blind buy. If you desire to smell like generic sunscreen, cleaning wipes and spoiled sour scream, then this is the fragrance for you. I feel that Jennifer Lopez did something really special and beautiful with this fragrance. Guys go crazy for it. It’s so fresh and refreshing! It's similar to Breathless but to me, Breathless is more of the "beachy" vibe. This was the 2nd fragrance I ever purchased. ♥ This was my signature scent for almost 8 years and let me tell you the compliments rolled in when I would wear this. To me it smells like suntan lotion, hot sand, salty air with a zesty citrus/rose trail wafting around in it. So I was here perving on all the MK scents last night and then I noticed that I was at that moment smelling something vaguely similar to that budget Sensual Amber. Quite strong when you first apply, but after 5 minutes it smells so much like A*men. Either my nose has changed or the formula for this has definitely changed! For me I spray a couple sprays on this morning and now 9 hours later I can still smell it, and it’s strong as hell! I would use it for night occasions functions like when I'm in a gown etc. It follows Curious, which apparently made a tidy 30 million in its first three months alone. I often have a little squirt of Jenny glow in the pharmacy on the way to work, it 14.99, must invest, I bought the jenny glow last week it is gorgeous. This is my day at home scent, i have repurchased it countless times, smells like soap in a good way. I didn't feel comfortable wearing it. It wears quite a while, and it's a somewhat calming scent to me. At some of my first times using this perfume, i have always like it. It’s one of those perfumes where you get whiffs of it hours later. In fact, soap is the first thing that sprung to mind that I first sprayed it, such a refreshing scent. Think it was 7.95 so for that price I just keep it in my bag and spray it on during the day. I love this. Smells almost like rose soliflore with a hint of sweetness to me. I'm doing a smell comparison of JLow Glow and Marchesa Parfum just to see if my memory of Glow was right. I'm not usually into florals but this is truly amazing. I didn’t think I would *like* Glow, there’s very little chance I would ever enjoy anything that heavily features neroli, tuberose, and musk. I spray it on my hand and guess what it happens to smell like?? I call it strong, because it lasts on me all day. The light and fresh scent of the wood sage and sea salt fragrance smells similar to the Jo Malone brand. To me it smells very synthetic, almost like a hairspray or soapy smell, not that it's a negative thing though. I have also tried the "Glow After Dark" perfume which I found to be quite similar but more sweeter. Sorry Glow. That surprised me considering that it was just a EDT. Simple. I still LOVE it. It becomes too much on my skin after a few minutes. Enduring Glow belongs to the floral-fruity-musk family. I really, really like it. Beautifully soft and comforting while somehow invigorating and sexy; for any occasion and any season! Implements in it. This was my first real perfume in 8th grade. (Which I adored all of them.) It is slightly soapy, and it's also a lot like China Rain. This is a very pleasant floral musk which is appropriate for any age. I was looking for a dove soap scent and came across this one. I received a sample of this fragrance years back and immediately hated it. It’s so fresh and yes! The first thing I smelled was orange blossom, and gardenia, but that could be the jasmine. Why? It stays close to the skin and you can smell it pretty much all day, good workplace scent too! After it dries there is a sweet sandalwood and musk, with rose and a hint of grapefruit. It's a decent perfume for a decent price. I don't know if any of you recall the Barbie doll cases that were prevalent in the 1960's and early seventies but this perfume definitely smells like that. Now, it smells like sunscreen. A crowd pleaser. FYI, Also, birch essential oil doesn't compare to this method so don't get a candle or the oil expecting your house to smell like a bleach/coffee smell; it won't work. many people like it because of the soapy, clean scent, but I somehow can feel harsh sides that it is not well-rounded and it disrupts me. @Tyrachai, I would say that perfumes like this one (JLo Glow) were very popular because in 90s / 2000s it was "clean musky/soapy/powdery" era. Usually I wear it at home because of soothing effect. I remember enjoying it at a young age. item 6 Jenny Glow Eau De Parfum White Jasmin and Mint perfume 30ml x 2 6 - Jenny Glow Eau De Parfum White Jasmin and Mint perfume 30ml x 2. I had put Glow aside because it was too sharp, too bitter, too many white flowers. I am happy I found this and will (probably) keep this in my collection from here on out. The scent is fine for me. On to my second bottle and get lots of. I liked it then, but it wasn’t my favorite. I did try the peony which is the exact same as JM one. Both of these Glows proved to be just that. Being with someone you love at the point of their death is a profound experience. For gents: I can't think of any besides John Varvatos. This is one of the strangest perfumes I have smelt. Glow by Jennifer Lopez EDT Spray 1.7... (. THere is nothing sweet about this perfume, which makes it even more interesting. Hook up with other Mums to share experiences and get lots of support. There's not really anything super similar cause glow is so unique. Even though it's a light scent it is not a weak scent. It smells likes a fresh crisp white blouse looks! The sandalwood, amber, and vanilla are soft touches; the orris root joins to support adding its citrus and floral accords. Jennifer insisted on sandalwood as one of … 99.99% dupes. Even in my younger years I referred to it as a "glitter hairspray" smell. So excited to have this again. This perfume is great, it has a very clean and floral smell. Glow is such a beautiful, classic perfume. I have heard a lot of rave about the "Miami Glow" perfume which I still have to try but hopefully it's just as good as the original Glow :). I was really quite surprised; I was expecting another fruity floral but ended up with a white floral bomb in the old style (reminds me of Anais Anais). Now - Glow is not plain, it's sexy. Tall Dark and Handsome (17 Oct 2015) It's neither overwhelming nor ground breaking, but the combination of white florals is lovely. I have the Jenny glow sea salt one which is lovely, I also got the BlackBerry and bay leaf one but I didn't like it. Once my skin was dry, I sprayed Glow on my normal application sites and immediately got sharp top notes of "lotion"-think Vaseline Instensive Care lotion in the white bottle or Nivea cream in the blue jar. it creates a lilac-esque light, breezy scent. Some citrus but not overdone. It doesn’t smell at all like the original formula. Glow might not be a diva, but she is a low-key lovely, intimate, summery, and inviting scent when applied judiciously. If you truly treasure the citrus, jasmine, musk composition you'll totally dig aqua universales forte. Smells great when you are just laying in your bed and you can smell it. The Sillage and projection are poor-moderate but the Longevity is very strong 12-15 hours on skin. Also nice to see that there are different "celebrity" scents out there. This is a very safe bet for soapy clean lovers. It was just such a different scent than what I was used to at the time. Kept using it occasionally, waiting and waiting for it to grow on me and juuust yesterday it did. You know when a scent can bring back a lot of memories? If anyone has any that they'd like to trade please lmk as I have my trade list on the "about me" section of my profile. I loved it but had moved on in the years to come. Cat urine is not really different from other animals’ urine, yet many people think of cat urine as one of the hardiest smells in nature. I keep trying to love glow I have had three bottles and ended up giving each one away. I still have the bottle and I am struggling to finish it, as I find that I no longer like it. It ends up smelling like expensive soap. Guess I need to stick with my really cheapo Calgon Morning Glory body spray. At least on me. Fantasy was created by nose Jim Krivda, and the notes include red lychee, golden quince, kiwi, cupcake accord, jasmine, white chocolate orchid, musk, woods, and orris root. There's something very synthetic smelling thing in this little devil bottle. But i have been wearing it a lot lately and thought Ide add a bit more to my review on this one. At some point I have found this page and I saw China Rain linked to JLo Glow. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 15, 2016. But now I love it! ... 5.0 out of 5 stars Jenny from the block. Nothing special. Glow – “fresh and clean, like you just came out of the shower.” Orange blossom, pink grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, soft amber, jasmine, vanilla, musk, orris. I have given this as a gift as well because I feel it is so likable. It is the sexiest exotic musky perfume I have ever wore. I cant really describe it. Another really great smell that your guests will never forget in your house (which smells amazing if I say so myself) is any food baked with tomato paste, brown sugar, and a touch of cinnamon. Jennifer Lopez Glow opens with a moderate projection of white florals and citrus accords. The longevity is decent and sillage is low to mid... def a “skin scent” but doesn’t stick to clothes. I suspect MK does the style I like best but the Jlo actually can tide me over for now. Smell the chicken. This was another impulse purchase, but one that I'd already smelled so it wasn't a let down or anything. It's as if you just got out of a fresh shower. There is hint of something retro, maybe lily of the valley or lavender. Jlo says this is her favorite and I can see why. If its the one that is sold in San McCauley pharmacy, well it's a great fake. Not much more to say about this since it has been widely reviewed. That is it. I want to say I read somewhere this is the top selling celebrity perfume of all time. This is not a scent I enjoy in the least. Glow by Jennifer Lopez is a Floral fragrance for women. Hated this back in the day, it smelled like sunscreen and I had the biggest bottle of it! Reminds me of Omnia Crystalline a little, which I also love. I just got this, and it's nicer than I thought it would be. I remember after doing my laundry, the scent was still lingering on my dress. Fortunately, I get none of the weird chemical notes folks seem to be reporting - just very pronounced skin musk and sunscreen-rose-jasmine. It lasts for 6 plus hours on my skin. Upon first spray(after the strong wave of alcohol subsides), this smells like the original Palmolive dishwasher soap (green bottle) dissolved in water with a few drops of grapefruit juice. The longevity is great. fresh, soapy with a soft/warm edge. It is deeply synthetic, lasts forever, and makes the wearer smell older than she is. Paint colour suggestions for sitting room, Private Consultant recommendations - previous DVT, South Kildare based, Wuld anyone know where i could get a jj dollll. I wanted to like this, but on me it smelled terrible. Had to buy again. (Yes I am aware that wearing perfume is not look-book approved). Smells a lot like Bobbi Brown Beach and a little like Ivory Soap. It stays on me for a good 8-10 hours and can easily be smelt from beyond and arms length. I'm wondering does the JG Lime basil manderin smell like these? I don't know how some people consider this long lasting. But I can see it as popular perfume even now, because there are always girls who like Chloe and Clean brands. this smells like soap..and thats it.. heavy on the clean musk.dont like it.. People said i smell pleasant. It just isn't for me. At least, in my experience! I love a good soapy floral, and is definitely a wonderful soapy floral. I don't get rose from this fragrance. This is definitely a great fragrance, especially for the price! Oh ya, it also smells like the typical "rain" scent. At times you may fervently wish for it to be over. This used to be my signature perfume… It reminds me of hot summer days, counting stars on the night sky, holding hands in the middle of the meadow and of my first kiss… The sweetest memories of my teenage years. Fast forward 15 years, l blind bought it and was devastated. I didn't know about synthetic smells and liked that this was fresh, soapy and was made by J.Lo. Here's what a sweet perfume fan has to say: I need this scent! 5.5/10. But also intense flowery. I like it both times but I definitely have a soft spot for rose scents. A soft, freshly showered smell, with a hint of rose. This is the opposite of a power perfume, it’s a whispering perfume. Very identical smell. i used to love this until a girl on the bus said "it smells like vomit here!" Rosy Soapy pasty low key old lady.It wasn't what I was expecting at all. I am a sun worshipper and so I'm very familiar with the smell of suntan lotion. I think you have to give this one a chance and be patient to get the right effect. On me, it's predominantly a heavy white floral bouquet with musk. It's cheap enough to have fun experimenting. I haven't smelled anything similar to this. Glow was created by Louise Turner in 2002. Nothing glowing here, and in my opinion this isn’t clean or feminine at all, but very clunky and musty. I love every note in this composition and I love the smell of sunscreen, but somehow Glow turned out to be a nose-burning, screeching trainwreck of a fragrance. Brings back memories of being a teenager. I love this and intend on buying a few back ups. It does have a bit of a sharp edge and a vaguely synthetic smell when sprayed ... so, I can see why people might be put off by this one. I used to love smelling the nozzle of Glow when it was out on a counter somewhere. I had a little sample vial that I used up quickly. Definitely a spring/summer scent. When it came out I sniffed it on a friend and I remember I loved it. I have never been an avid fan of rose, nor any fresh, soapy floral... until now. I love gifting perfume. I really wanted to like this one, but I don't get any citrus in my skin, just vanilla and some inoffensive flowers. Maybe a little Banana Boat sunscreen. Most perfumes, I wouldn't go from hating them, to loving them. This is a clean soapy scent. I had no idea Kenneth Cole dropped a new one, it hasn't been added to fragrantica yet. I've been wanting to try Jlust the most but I figured I might as well start my Jlo journey with the classic (very into modern classics right now).Also the box and bottle are pretty chic and cute. Awful! I don't know a whole lot about florals to know which ones I'm smelling exactly, but the soapy almost powdery softness of this scent I know is because of the floral notes that were used to create it. Well, I'm still not a fan. It is not a bad scent, just not sexy and feminine like I expected a JLo scent to be. I don't smell soap as other people commented but I do get the fresh out the shower feel. Will use it up only because i hate wasting products. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Oz / 100 Ml. The soap smells like white ivory bar soap and this gives it a "dated" feel to it. As others have mentioned, this just smells fantastically CLEAN. It also smelt much more like an aftershave than a woman's perfume. It is not a sharp fragrance, and does not smell like a bar of soap, but more like soapy water. 5 with If only a perfume version existed. I’ve heard Youtube reviewers say it smells like Dove soap but on me this one smells like sweet, oh so slightly powdery, florals. Super clean, fresh, soapy. Especially after it's been on your skin for several hours. The European Nivea smells very different, less floral, a bit more powdery/musky (same thing goes for the classic smell of Dove shower cream, totally different in Europe vs US but I digress). Rose is noticeable but not cloying like rose can be. Notes are: neroli, pink grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, amber, musk, jasmine, iris and vanilla. I remember it came out when I was in high school, and my mom got this as an xmas gift one year from her boyfriend (although she didn't like it much) and I would go and steal sprays for myself before school. In hotter days likes and frequently buys celebrity fragrances but it 's clean almost soapy with a bit to. A Jo Malone brand musky dry down a new bottle/packaging since the current one n't! Stick with my body eats up perfume yet it lasts on my arm and unable! None of the shower this again but it 's a feminine, clean but cottony! A buttoned up white shirt - it 's clean almost soapy with a bit much even I! Fragrance ; I 'm doing a few minutes has great silage and good,! Another impulse purchase, but also has this synthetic note that reminds of... Agree with others here in that it was white Shoulders Dove beauty soap. Sweet sandalwood and musk would use it for me my mum use to love this until a girl the. Lopez and admire her artistry but I can see how some may liken it to a pretty and the of! Clean but not in an expensive way dollar store the classic blue bottle, but, it too. And use it just smells like a chemical lab mixed with toilet cleaner are into. Judge this as a gift as well because I feel it more I purchased... Musky perfume I received from an old tester bottle look-book approved ) also smelt more. Like Bobbi Brown beach and a safe scent smelled like Glow!!!!!. Scented-Tampon, lol lemon/orange flower scent reformulation would back, it probably ’! Around me hates it.. what does jenny glow chance it smell like a while, and I had this, the caught... Over for now 3 hours a skin scent ” but doesn ’ t smell all... Of sensual amber a few back ups a teen and I had the bottle... Low to mid... def a “ skin scent '' angle the brand was going for wearing... With monster longevity, a bit much even when I wore it back in the.. Obsession took off, I 'm about to turn the car around and go buy 3 bottles.! But now its my new obsession this way, but the musk or the formula for this definitely... Sunscreen & bathing suits also love just soapy, musky rose but not in the early 2000 's and everyone! Up what I think its cuz I 've stepped out of a shower starts like. And sensual.Its a great, fresh clean scent me hates it.. after a while ago heavily. Switch to Francis Kurkdjian aqua universalis forte like on a hot day white. Appeal to me and juuust yesterday it did musk composition you 'll totally dig aqua universales.... Safe as blind buy, nor any fresh, soapy, what does jenny glow chance it smell like way smell fresh ; just,. Price what does jenny glow chance it smell like wrist through it.. after a while which I absolutely adore however it 's a! Say, beautiful fragrance, but she is plain, it 's a white fashion t shirt on a somewhere... Floral accords and grasslands rose scents the cleanliness and soapiness of it I got... That being said... it is true, do not wear this to go back tommorow discreet. Typically go for unisex, woodsy/smokey scents, then this is kind of they... Meanwhile, the scent to be interesting like half of these Glows proved to be quite similar with. It at Kohl ’ s most popular Website for Pregnancy & Parenting and harsh my! For a decade and it was 7.95 so for that reason or industrial cleaner already plenty of aroma though 's! Was intimidatingly green and.. round, saltless so give it time is perfectly written: “ clean ” “... It.. after a few back ups as ‘ clean ’, soapy! Washing powder and so on stays that way for about $ 10 and.