Contact. Rock Water Herb Lexicon. Human indication:  People who feel lonely because they have a tendency to appear proud and anti-social. What conditions are Bach Flower remedies used for? The Bach Flower Remedies are the vibration of healing plants. Often clever and talented. Human indication:  Helps when you are preoccupied with own ailments and problems. For the different forms of vexation. Star of Bethlehem Using Bach Flower Remedies Making a Combination. The bach remedies are closely related or analogous to homoeopathic remedies although they are they are not prepared in potencies bach is announced [ do not say bark as nora weeks who was his faith ful assistant and successor for over 40 years would plead ] Dr.Edward Bach [1886-1936] practiced bacteriologist and homoeopath for more than 16 years in London , before he gave up his … Human indication:  Keeps repeating the same mistake, doesn’t learn from past mistakes Keywords: Frozen fear, terror Bach Flower remedies are completely safe for use by anyone, including children. Human Indication:  When you are exhausted, but keep struggling on. A better life, one step at a time. Thoughts which worry and still remain, or if for a time thrown out, will return. Keywords: Self pity, resentment, short-changed, poor me, sulky, irritable, grumbling, bitterness, blame, complain You may be unable to sleep because of the thoughts. “Those with fixed principles and ideas, which they are confident are right, and which they very rarely change. Pet Indication:  Vague or unaccountable fears. Bach Flower is a Trusted Brand for nearly 90 Years,, Directly from Nature, LLC Copyright © 1996-2019. Visit these Bach Flower Web-Sites – For Orders ‘Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between … “Kind, quiet, gentle people who are over-anxious to serve others. Stock remedies—the solutions sold in shops—are dilutions of mother tincture into other liquid. 
Human indication: For weariness, mental rather that physical, the “Monday morning” feeling with a sense of staleness and lack of variety in life. They have no side-effects and can be taken by anyone. Human indication:  Feeling overwhelmed and depressed, there is too much to do and you don’t feel that you can do it all. They are continually correcting what they consider wrong, and enjoy doing so. The Bach Flower Remedies. Keywords: Talkative, demand attention, dislike being alone, lonely They wish to be well and strong and active, and will do anything which they believe will keep them so. Human indication:  When you suffer from indecision, particularly when faced with two choices. Agrimony: Mental anguish behind a “brave face”. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. They feel that they have not deserved so great a trial that it was unjust, and they become embittered. Animal/Pet indication:  Repeated unsuccessful behavior patterns, doesn’t learn from past mistakes, “Those who are very mindful of the needs of others they tend to be over-full of care for children, relatives, friends, always finding something that should be put right. Human Indication:  When you mind is cluttered with thoughts or mental arguments. Bach Flower remedies work best over a period of time. Being so assured, they think that it would be for the benefit of others if they could be persuaded to do things as they themselves do, or as they are certain is right. Human indication: Is indicated when you are too strict and set too-high standards for yourself, to the point of self-domination and self-martyrdom. The 38 Bach flower essences treat a variety of mental-emotional states, for example, Scleranthus for indecision, Olive for mental exhaustion, Beech for intolerance and critical mindsets, Holly for extreme jealousy, and Larch for feelings of inferiority. They overtax their strength in their endeavors. Animal/pet indication:  Overly concerned with companionship, very demanding for attention, constant barking. Rock Rose “Those who are very strict in their way of living; they deny themselves many of the joys and pleasures of life because they consider it might interfere with their work. The feeling that you cannot react or move. In both types they are anxious to be free from the one particular thing which is greatest in their minds and which seems so essential to them that it should be cured. The Bach Flower Remedies were developed about 80 years ago by Dr. Edward Bach, a British Homeopath. Bach Flower remedies work on the emotions and are helpful for anxiety, depression, fears, jealousy, low self-esteem, worries and trauma. When ill they are anxious for a hasty recovery. Loss of owner or home, Hornbeam Human indication:  Protection from outside influences and energies. The Bach flower remedy solutions, which contain a 50:50 mix of water and brandy, are called mother tincture. Human indication:  When you do not trust your own judgment in decision-making. Flower Essences. “For those who in health or illness like to be alone. “Those who have suffered much mentally or physically and are so exhausted and weary that they feel they have no more strength to make any effort. [CDATA[ var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-37427814-1']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); (function() { var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? With 38 flower essences to choose from, you can create and tailor your own flower remedies to suit you. Bach Flower Remedies for Elevating Consciousness. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })(); // ]]> Visit our store and find the full Rescue and Bach Flower Line in addition to other natural health care products for your Family and Pets. Description. Bach Flower Remedies simply use the vibrational frequency or energy of a flower. //