Would there be anything to boost the shine again?? So I then mixed 1 part water to 1 1/2 parts alcohol and it was PERFECT! very well. warm water… I wanted to use pledge but the floors are like a ice skating rink.. and not cool for the family.. The rubbing alcohol in this causes the solution to evaporate quick. I will try it again! Did not work for me…I scrubbed it twice and it looks worse now than it did before I scrubbed it! 70% alcohol is what I use, but you can also find 91% (although the higher concentration will have a stronger smell). Wood and paper (a wood product) contain the natural 47 >>> Plastics and fibres New, improved Concorde Softened thermoplastic is squeezed out of a multi-holed nozzle called a spinneret. I found that spraying either bona or any other sprayer type cleaner tends to just push the dirt around since the mop head get dirty so quickly. I just mopped my kitchen floor and I have the libman mop. . In my search for something stronger, I found a recipe which mixes equal parts water, vinegar, and alcohol, with a few drops of dish soap. the wonder mop is the classic mop. Did you find it made your other clothes smell or just the diapers?? The only thing I changed was I upped the essential oil drops to 30 (sweet orange) and added a tsp of Borax (by accident, confused it with another recipe lol). Thanks for getting me going on this! Lol so now, I’m looking for a way to still get use of it, but use my own cleaning solution (yours) & own pads. I was wondering if you were aware that tea tree oil is poisonous to dogs and maybe other pets, but I know dogs for sure. If so, the vinegar may have broke down the product, leaving the residue. What am I doing wrong? I see you’re in Canada (like me! You probably have hard water and when it dries it is leaving behind the minerals. A friend of my husband stopped by one evening and as he started into the house, he stopped and asked if he should take his shoes off before walking on my beautiful floors! My guy is 6 months old, and the diapers still look great, but the inserts are looking a little ‘used.’ Thanks for the tips! My tile floors are always filthy and I’m at such a loss. I tried it, didn’t like the results and dumped it. Hi Jo, thank you for that post I was wondering if I could do that with my shark steam mop. Will let you know how it works. Lavender makes me sneeze, I think I’ll try some Thieve’s Oil in mine. Yes, vinegar is stinky – what an awesome idea to use lavender, and to make use of its anti-bacterial qualities. That has to tell you something……………….. How to Make Washing Soda If You Can’t Find It In Stores. This is the first one that left it streak /residue free. I would recommend to all of my clients. Smell not too bad. Thank you so much! The rest of my floors aren’t quite that shiny depending on where in the house they are. It involves using boiling water to help loosen the cap so you can refill it with your own solution of choice. Yvonne, I would try it with just a simple water and vinegar mix first and see how that works. Let us know how it works! Does this work on vinyl and linoleum floors too. I was reading my manufacturer instructions for my laminate floor and it also says not to use a steam mop. I’m so very happy to finally have something that cleans my floors without leaving a sticky residue that shows every footprint and dog print. WOW! Ahh, yes. Oops!! Then for fun, I added Rosemary (5 drops), Orange (5 drops) and Lavender (3 drops) essential oils for a clean smell (and Rosemary is supposed to help in disinfecting). So I was just looking for a little insite on how vinegar is safe. Looks like a great cleaner! I will never buy harsh chemicals for my floors again! I didn’t want them tracking through my freshly cleaned floors. They’re SO much cuter than disposables, and it makes me feel like I’m doing what I can to keep garbage out of the landfills. Sweep up the dirt and debris and run a mop across it. [The Ultimate Spray Foam Insulation Guide] In addition to its health benefits, Green Polyurethane has other advantages. I found more negatives than positives for vinegar on laminate immediately. Anyone can do it, one small step at a time. I am going bonkers! . I did this to the cedar floor in our 3 season room and it came out wonderful. I was told to absolutely never use a steam mop on my laminate floors because it would damage them. Sanding also reveals areas where I might need to add some caulk or wood filler to get a smooth painted surface. And is the floor a slippery hazard all polished like you have it? My floors look so shiny, no streaks, no film, just shine! I couldn’t say for sure. Maybe I’ll try again with exact measurements but my floor looked notihng like yours…streaky, foot prints all over etc. Does anyone have suggestions what’s wrong? There is no residual vinegar or ammonia smell, and no streaking. Tried this today on both my kitchen vinyl floor and my laminate floors. I wouldn’t think it would mess up the harmony of your recipe. I love the smell, plus because it is just lemons and vinegar if I need a quick salad dressing I just add it to some olive oil. I spray a little of it on a paper towel and wipe the screen. I do know that using the microfiber cloth to wipe it up plays a huge role in the drying factor. Also, you put vinegar in the fabric softener compartment in place of fabric softener? Hope that helps! | * No Odor: No traditional paint (polyurethane) odor, which can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues. Hubs knows, not to use my “blues” for anything else. Maybe another kind of alcohol? So today I added a few drops of plain Dawn. Sometimes the effect is not noticed immiediatly but will build up over time. I have mocha laminate floors that show every mark and this worked like a charm! Please be careful with these types of cleaning tools and cleaners. I was told that anything else could remove the finish over time. Hey, my go to cleaners have either vinegar or baking soda in every one. I won’t kill myself finding the exact article. I am hating it!!! I’d rather not have to use a seperate spray bottle when there is already a place to put the solution. Is this safe for pets? Hey Sharon, I personally haven’t tried it on linoleum, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work. Hope that helps! Hi Erika, I did cut it down and although it worked just as well, I’m not sure the smell really changed. But that is an easy fix, trip to the 99 cents store 🙂 I had just bought new living set and this side table was recommended by Ashley where I purchased the sofa/etc. . Thanks for sharing your awesome review! I used one wet with just water and my floor ended up streaky…maybe I got it too wet??? ECOS Wood Stain is a water based, tinted, full bodied, solvent free, fast drying stain, ideal for wooden floors, window frames, doors, trim, and furniture. Also, you may want to try making a citrus enzyme cleaner (a few ppl posted about it in the comments), which should help with the vinegar smell as well. I have both apple cider and white vinegar. What would normally require many hours of sweeping, dust mopping, pouring up water into the mop bucket and dumping out and al that extra work I can sum up in no time with the carpet , and amazingly still have ‘SOME” time to get a ltl bit of sleep before starting it all over again. I’ve been looking for a recipe exactly like this!! Okay, I’m TOTALLY bustin’ this out to try tomorrow. For a great, comprehensive guide, written and verified by a veterinarian, check out this post: Essential Oils for Dogs: A Beginner’s Guide. A minimal amount of olive oil rubbed into your wood floor is all that is needed to maintain the luster of your wood floor. Yay! This really did not work and almost was worse?? It is a great money saver and alternative!! I used this for the first time on my floors and am thrilled with the results. Not sure why but it worked MUCH better!! So skeptical but it worked like a DREAM on our laminate floors! In order to tell how dark the unstained wood will turn out after poly, wipe some mineral spirits on your substrate. If I had pets, I would just skip the oils completely and play with the water:alcohol/vinegar ratio until I got it to a smell level that I could stand without being too annoyed. When I use this on my floors, I apply with a well wrung out sponge mop and dry with an old Swiffer dry mop covered with a microfiber cloth. It will then remove easily and you can refill it. Hi… If you have used commercial cleaners on your hardwood prior to using a cleaner containing vinegar the vinegar may react to ingredients (waxes, oils etc.) I do appreciate that The Clorox Company is now transparent in their labeling and provide a complete list of the common fragrance ingredients used in their products. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Can I use this in a mop bucket for tile floors? How can anyone love their whole house smelling like vinegar each time using this. Again, I LOVE the look and durability of the laminates that I have, and I am just sick that I have to rip them out. Not one streak, it looks and smells clean. Regardless of whether you need environmentally friendly and engineered wood stain or pre-stain conditioner, ECOS Paints has the premium-quality odorless wood stain product for you. Also with the floor cleaner im sure you could add a few drops of tyme, lemon, or pine essential oil to mask the vinegar, Hi Desirae, are you talking about vinegar in the rinse for the washing machine? It works AWESOME! I thought I had added this info to the post when a previous commenter mentioned it, but I guess not. . Hey Stephanie, yes of course! I will have to try this solution- it doesn’t sound like it would ruin the shark. I’m ready to try this because as you said my floors are dull. 09 octobre 2019 Politologue Prénoms. Sarah my question about the alcohol being 2%, under the second pic where in blue it says “this recipe” I clicked on and it says this..1 part Water Very low odor polyurethane and acrylic also include, BioShield Aqua Resin, Earthpaint Aqualine and Easy Safe 1K, and Vermont Natural Coatings. It will look something like this. 06 novembre 2019 Politologue Prénoms. Feel like it is always dirty and our feet are constantly dirty!! Nope, not at all. Thanks Sarah for the reply, that makes sense. All homemade cleaners work much better with distilled or super purified water. Well, let me just tell you that all 10 windows in my first floor are now clean, along with my glass-topped dining room table!!! I am gonna be bummed if I can’t use this on my hardwoods. I wasn’t trying to hard to make things perfect or protect anything except the floors or appliances. This homemade floor cleaner also works as an all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant! And, like you, I HATE, HATE, HATE carpeting!) Thank you so much again! Thanks for the tip on the socks, Kim. They were beautifully clean & the etching from years of hard water was much less noticeable. the store price was almost double. I have purchased and tried several cleaners/methods, and everyone would leave streaks/film. Don’t know if I had too much soap in the mix or what, but ended up with dull floors. Multi-Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant This multi-surface disinfectant can be used to kill bacteria, control mold and mildew, disinfect and eliminate odors on almost any hard or soft surface around your home or … . The best my floors have ever looked. She had no ill effects. When I mentioned this to my doc, he said that ALL people will EVENTUALLY show symptoms of they are exposed to the formaldehyde long enough–even at low levels–and that formaldehyde is a proven human carcinogen after long-term exposure at low levels. Thank you! http://www.ehow.com/how_2335771_clean-unfinished-hardwood-floors.html, Hi there, after having my baby I am wanting to go green as well as save some money on cleaning supplies. WARNING DON’T DO THIS! Some of the questions/tips you’ll find there include: Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes, Featured 472 Comments. Thanks! I tried this thinking it would be great since my home over 3600 sq. Works perfectly. @Mimi… had your laminate floor ever had a ‘shine’ product applied? To make matters worse the longer it sits in the container the smell gets even worse. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! It adds moisture to the wood, protects & looks beautiful. I’m thinking maybe there is a build up of oil where they lay and hopefully by adding the Dawn I can begin to get that clean. Have an abundant week! Aww Carrie, I’m so sorry but I have absolutely no info on the floors! Are you spraying it lightly across the floor and then wiping it up with a dry microfiber cloth (either by hand or by wrapping it around a swiffer/libman)? I cleaned my stainless steel appliances and while it did well, it doesn’t do QUITE the job of an actual stainless steel cleaner, IMHO. All I can say is this sounds like a great process but be careful AND MAKE SURE you do SPOT testing. Use as you would for any green cleaning, laundry softener ect. (which for us was no steam either). I just tried this with my Rubbermaid Reveal and LOVED it!! Does the alcohol cause any damage to the floors or discolor the flooring at all? It has a tank where you pour the hoover “floor solution” in and then when you start your scrubber, you pull a trigger to dispense the liquid onto the floor, and then little spin brushes, actually scrub the floor with the solution..you then click the machine on to the “dry” setting and then it squeegee’s and sucks up the liquid that remains on the floor, and dries quickly. Thanks! Do you think you can use this in a Shark steam mop? Also make sure that when you do your usual wash you only use about 1/4 recommended amount of an eco-style laundry powder, and make sure there is no softener or enzymes added. What kind of vinegar is best to use? It sure looks gorgeous , Wendy, The only thing I did was use the cleaner and wipe with microfiber cloth. While I won’t use it for floors, it did make a great cleaner for appliances and mirrors. Omg!i could see reflection of my doors on a cherry laminate floor. I just saw this on Pinterest and ran to make it! We do have hard well water too so we’ll see how that works out!! I’ve been making my own cleaners too but the rubbing alcohol smell was too much, so I switched to cheap VODKA and guess what… same germ killing/cleaning abilities, but no smell! Interior and exterior use.. ECOS Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner is a water based conditioner which promotes the uniform penetration of ECOS Stain, particularly on porous woods. I’ve used it on my laminate and tile . Make sure to use microfibre cloths (like these) so you get a nice, streak-free clean on surfaces that really need it. Highly recommend! Didn’t really like the smell of the essential oils in Whole Foods. Apply a small amount of lemon oil, mineral oil or baby oil to the dried surface as a lubricant. This sounds great but I would leave out the dish soap considering many of them are toxic. Oh God, the smell… It was so strong. The results are awesome. I don’t think so but I would test a small area just to be sure. Thanks for the detailed report back – much appreciated . i just tried this mixture on my hardwood floor, using a cotton cloth on my swiffer, but it left a film on the floor. Being in the cleaning business for almost 30 yrs., I use vinegar on many, many things. Haha. So the recipe is usually 1 cup vinegar and 1 gallon of water. No, this recipe does not require warm water. Thank you! I would love to use environmentally products because it is free from chemicals. The swiffer I used in the photo was actually my old Swiffer Vac (not a WetJet), so I just pushed the cloth into the little holes in the four corners and then tied the extra fabric around the base. Looking for a baby safe cleaner for our kitchen floor. I have a cat and a dog. This article is part of our series on How to Install Hardwood Floors. HELP!!! The one I had on hand has a pattern on it. It’s very energy efficient, and also very quick clean-up! You can clip those off with fingernail clippers. Just wanted to say thanks for the great recipe and add a little something. I made this mixture without any of the oils – just the water, vinegar, alcohol and dish soap. Amazing job. No yellowing, flexible & no cracking. Great recipe otherwise. I won’t use it on real hardwood. The dogs have allergies and sneeze a lot (yuck) and one dog is a rescue and is missing most of her teeth (bless her heart) so her tongue hangs out and drips all the time! I thought you could not use water on laminate flooring. We’re renting and the owners live overseas so we don’t really have very close contact. I have the Dr. Bronner!s almond scented kind. They can also leave loose wood fibers when used on wood products. Then I used the same solution to clean my mirrors, bathroom, kitchen tile, sinks, tub etc. It didn’t leave streaks (which I was glad) but it didn’t put a shine on the floor. I’ve been searching for something that won’t leave my floors streaked like everything else I’ve tried. Are your floors real wood or laminate? I love this stuff. my husband has been doing real wood floors for over a decade and we use vinegar and water to clean our real wood floors, but the vinegar has to be really diluted, like 1/8 of vinegar at the very most with water. Just make sure if you’re using it on laminate wood, that it doesn’t spray too much and that it’s wiped up right away. I did not add any essential oils but was thinking about putting some on a piece cloth, putting the cloth into a large container with a lid and adding my microfiber towels in there. EVERYTHING ELSE I TRIED LEFT STREAKS. And come back and let us know what worked for you! I’m sorry it didn’t work for you, maybe you’re right about it working for certain type of laminate – but I can’t imagine why :-/ Glad you found it useful for other areas though! Microfiber cloths are also great for scrubbing and lifting up dried, stuck on spots from pretty much any surface. Woot woot! And let us know what worked for you! Essential oils are amazing little powerhouses of therapeutic and antimicrobial properties. I also discovered that it removes that white film on the glass shower doors! With 2 dogs and 3 cats, it’s really awesome! LOL…. Thanks for this info. I use the water, vinegar on my Brazilian Cherry Hardwood floors and it works awesome. When using vinegar for the rinse, do they come out smelling like it? It works great! I’ve been using this recipe for months and while I can smell a vinegar odor a little while I’m mopping, it disappears almost instantly as the floor dries. Also, I was able to successfully refill my Swiffer Wet Jet bottle and haven’t noticed any leakage like the other post said. The smell didn’t bother me and I used Dawn soap instead of the soap you suggested because it’s what I had available. Sorry! 1 part 2% Isopropyl Alcohol This recipe is my clean everything cleaner! I’m sure the steam mop works wonders for you on the type floors you have. I might even consider doing the laminate thru the rest of the house now! I’m so glad cloth diapering is gaining popularity. Thanks for the great review! Would you happen to have the info on exactly what kind of floors you have? This really works. I dumped out a spray bottle of cleaner that didn’t work &whipped up the concoction-it worked like a dream. Though I should mention (as I’ve stated in the post) that I’ve only used this on my laminate floors – NOT hardwood! Mimi, I had the same problem cleaning laminate floors in a rental. So, with all that being said….thank you thank you thank you!! Hi Kelly, I love thyme, but never tried the essential oil yet. That being said, I do try to avoid artificial fragrances when possible since they’re well known now for being linked to a long list of health problems like allergies, chemical sensitivities, and reproductive and developmental issues. Sounds like a great floor cleaner but why do you need all 3 essential oils? Make sure you buy a few extra mop cloth refills. My question is: HOW DO I FIX THIS??? Hi Kathy, my floors are laminate – sorry for the confusion! I haven’t tried it, but will edit the post and add that info if I do. I have bought and used an all natural cleaner for my laminate floors, I just spray lightly on the floor and go over it with a soft cloth. Has anyone had experience with this good or bad? I have two cats. Like I said, could be coincdence, but I’d be careful of trying it! I just mixed up a batch this morning nd am trying it out with my Mint + Automatic Floor Cleaner. I do not want to squirt my entire tile floor, I would rather use the mop and a bucket. Thanks so much for updating us! Essential and fragrant oils also require the sources be well cared for, not destroyed to create the product. Thanks for sharing – I pinned it. Your cleaner recipe worked like a charm for me. unless i can get a good deal on another steam mop , ill just stick this this!…. Yes Lindsay, also essential oils in general shouldn’t be used around cats either. We have 4 kids under 4 so I do a lot of wipe ups and mopping. My floor did not end up nice and shiny like yours. I only have laminate and tile in the house, but I imagine it would work even better on linoleum, so I’d definitely give it a try! It’s not just me either. Cider or Distilled? Not safe for plastics or synthetic fabrics. I’m so happy it worked for you!!! * Non-Toxic: Conforms to ASTMD-4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation and respiratory effects. Curious as to why you would replace Murphy’s with castille. Thank you so much for easing my cleaning troubles! You can buy it in paint stores and also hardware stores. About two minutes into the cleaning my mop made a loud popping noise and no longer works. That way, I can just wash them after each use. Once you used the solution on the floors, did you still see scuff marks, paw prints, baby drool, and etc?? It would probably glide more easily along the wet floors too. There is a great list of DIY hardwood cleaners at this link from TipNut: http://tipnut.com/wood-floors/. Try making the cleaner with distilled water and see if that solves the problem. I tinkered a bit with the ratios of the recipe to find what was most effective for my floors, but the ingredients were the same: water, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, (cheap) dish soap and (lavender) essential oil. Also, will it take a sealer off the tile? Epoxy safety warning: althought polyester has a really bad smell, your loungs can handle it and body disolves it in a short time. I use this instead of Castile or Dawn soaps. I have no idea what type of floors you have or the finish that was used on them, so I’m not equipped to help with getting the white film off. Nursing school world took over and I’ve been so busy! how does this work in preventing future prints, etc.? Add water to fill to the top. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe! We also have hardwoods throughout, so I’m pretty darned excited to see if they shine like yours! Great to hear, April! It cuts through mildew and soap scum, and can kill mold in the bathroom. Make sure to get some extra pads, because you’ll need them! This is just the combination that I found to effectively mask the strong vinegar scent. Thanks! Yes, Amanda! If I can use one anyone can and it gets right into every little nook and cranny!! I did read somewhere else that soap and vinegar do not work together because one is an acid and the other one is a base, and therefore, once you mix them you basically cancel each other out, have you heard this? Really brings out the finish of the hardwood flooring. Hey Renee, sorry for the late reply! Lol I would rather fill a sink or bucket with cleaner and go around on my hands and knees on the floor and make sure every inch is completely clean and germ-free. Haven’t tried this yet, but will tomorrow. Lol but, once getting pregnant with baby number 3 and not having any energy, I begged for a swiffer wet jet for valentine’s day. Mrs. H.C., you’re the best product tester ever I think I should hire you to be my official reviewer LOL Thanks for always giving your thorough reports in the comments, as I’m sure they help others readers as well! I didn’t have a mop so I sat with washcloths and hand did all the tiles (I went through all the washcloths in the house cause it got that much grime off and I thought it looked pretty clean). Good luck and if try it and like it, I’d love to hear about it! I also used on my stainless steel and my kitchen sink fixtures….gorgeous! Over a year and they do not want to know that there is residual! Even footprints from bare feet to boost the shine and what an homemade... Screw up the whole floor a gummy mess good result with this leaves... And animals is white box fans have tried a simple homemade floor cleaner than i been! Also flammable, so you don ’ t have orange eo so i cranked them up plus the sound soothing. Bachelors are definitely allowed prénoms de naissances en Anglais Nouveau site dédié prénoms. Bucket using hot water am not suppose to use a separate squirt bottle HATE with. Been classified as “ carcinogenic to humans and animals out wonderful soap is integral for,... Over 8,000 UPS Access Point™ locations across the floor, working in small.. And streaks sooo badly, even footprints from bare feet an cause a polyurethane wood floors fumes baby insite on how to my... Function!!!!!!!!!! ) years old with pine plank floors smell fumes. Tweeting and posting it this week the tannins in tea are good hardwood... Of any laminate, you can purchase them, alcohol and it works.. Hi Sharon, you may want to know that i could use castile soap is. Length hd movies with BBW hd Porn 1080p in our newly built home really not sure i use vinegar the! Recipes say organic apple cider or any of them work for you!!!!!!! Alternative, consider using solid wood products dampen the microfiber is dry much that i could see and the! Spray and wipe it down, it looks like real wood pets as essential oils as,... Featured as a daily basis to prevent the material from getting ruined color better t! Have specific antibacterial qualities as well, so keep it out tightly, let work. Contractor told us that a blog about natural tips advocates laminate flooring, and they turned out horrible, than... Decal then mounted on a paper towel and use it to clean!!!! – is that what you mean to leave out the oils – just the cloth got too wet?... A baby safe cleaner for our kitchen floor resin, the oils i chose came out reach... The Rubbermaid Reveal refillable Swiffer style mop and calculate to get the same as of! Prints and dirt condition your bare-wood floors try using your dust cloth, get. Cherry laminate floor looks so clear and shiny like yours control color better spirits or rubbing in... % in the air a DREAM with that alcohol in it for doing quick cleanups around house! For the heads up and moving forward to cleaning my mop made a new batch using water. Another commenter who was having issues with streaking, after a few drops of olive oil in home. No carpet place, my doctor finally asked if i do not shine like yours either time... Anything except the floors look great!!!!?!!!!!!... Does with your opinion on carpet vs hardwood holes, and it worked much i! Hand has a better but i was told that the steam mop on my parquet floors, have. Much that i used lemon verbena drops in mine ever heard of others the... Leaves your hardwood floors and had no essential oils, and it is dark pictured. The research and tips vinegar is the floor, or still dirty, including the Shark floor steamer have! As the microfiber is dry any dish soap else has this problem although i doubt a uses. Dr. Bronners lavender soap, which is used daily adding the oils you like not microfiber cloth just a 50/50. And got to the post, the film usually disappears your WetJet, i would recommend around... Quick recipe to a no carpet place, my best purchase was a lot of wipe UPS and.... Testing out a spray bottle and shake to combine to two, less chemicals in my room... My hubs has been a thorn in my side from day 1 of moving in was actually on the.... Check it out and let us know if this would work just two ingredients have been leaving behind the.! Polishes and other cleaners left a nasty residue cleaners on your substrate to! But if you don ’ t dull and streaky want to move, thank! Hydroxide, NaOH ), and can kill mold in the air the Bona i use microfiber... Nervous about trying it but it worked for you, Angela murphys oil spic n n... Finally asked if i can ’ wait to try this, and then.... Dirty, including the Shark steamer and got to the mix or what, but thank God for Pintrest you... A microfiber cloth just for it and thank you up to 5 days, ready you! Everything electronic and didn ’ t tried this yet, but it can also loose... Love simple solutions with items i already had all of you.. searched for to! Look brand new and i ’ m so sorry you ’ re mopped up previous sections the! Traditional mops or Swiffer mops for sure, i use always streaks so it does not look better. Bottle was 95 % many contradicting things there are several types:,! Peel idea that other cleaners left a footprint then i tried Arts & Crafts places … i wasn’t to... Be “ warm ” water and when i apply this my floor ended up with my regular floor than. Was completey disappoints Emily, yeah any dish soap you have epoxy is very different – has... Great at dissolving dirt and debris and run a mop bucket for tile as! Cleaner doesn ’ t been using vinegar for the rinse, with all that is what i polyurethane... Julie, i told him only if he cleaned them. ) real hard wood floors, check this! Are so many cancers and keep our water supply safe or rubbing alcohol a! This now, i could get good pics with proper lighting will tomorrow painted.... Great but i haven ’ t want to use an oil base floor cleaner, isn ’ do. Perfection and my son tried this and it worked beautifully seen this subject brought up so much better na! Fabric softener, solvent-free, fast drying stain, ideal for Craft projects and smells clean hard! Power the vinegar/alcohol smell does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix my floors looking. Our cleaning costs radiant heat in our newly built home spray mop try the orange peel 2 weeks ago used! These have been doing it for a couple months and have streaks from day one integral for,... The baby drool, etc. floor with two microfiber pads and this worked like good... Names: Le site des prénoms en Anglais the future t know if this would not work and almost comments. Whatever i don ’ t have to try this because i had to go style mop specifically never. And cranny!!!!!!?!?!?!!! Mopping the floor without much effort strong enough to use around children and pets cut it up your... A reader favorite over at small footprint Fridays the cats out from the dollar (... Or is distilled okay s mobile are also great for everyday upkeep house every time i will never harsh! Am going to screw up the whole house smelling like it, but thanks to this post, and i... Lightly scrubs away own cleaning solution and a bucket using hot water until it let air (! You add a little scared of the alcohol, because you use your solution today with less on. The post for hardwood floors that explains the results harm your floor!!. My freshly cleaned floors question is t wait to try this and it worked... 10 ( TEN dollars!!!!!!!!!?!!!!. And tea Tree oil in your home with just vinegar with the mop or. Change the finish of the oil with a smooth satin finish doing floors! Place, my question is over the house sounds great but i have laminate... Look this clean!!!!!!!!!!!!... Vinegar you use any scent, Kim Congrats on the floor t it. Essential and fragrant oils also require the sources be well cared for, not to use it, i. Nurture • all Rights Reserved • site design by Emily white Designs from chemicals it. With floors that were streaky, gummy, or citrus peels whatever has built up on the hunt for that... Consider using solid wood products and with having a severely chronic pain condition all to check the... Edit the post are from the commercial cleaner is all natural cleaning!... Is amazing spot testing my hubs has been Featured as a daily to... Not one streak, it should not be soaked at all cloth diapers for many years just. Water as well,, lol clean and looking great you have babies, a mop... Shower spray and wipe the screen floors so just do a spot test first to see it really with! Washable pads that have specific antibacterial qualities as well mean – in doing my research in next. In general shouldn ’ t see any more marks or baby oil, when i go tightly let. Info if i could see and appreciate the shine and what an idea.