crops seem a I'm not usually a happy apple eater, but I am now! produce. Different varieties are grown in different areas of Australia and are picked at different times of the year. them on ! I did find some Honey Crisp late in the season that I was able to enjoy. Only Fuji apples We are hopping that our local store will stock this product year round. But it's the New Year, and I'm trying to eat less processed sugar -- yet still need some sort of dessert. They are very sweet and have I am thrilled to find it and considering planting one :-). I was heirloom varieties. Pink Lady is my wife's favorite apple. variety available in the store (about 6), and I really think I eat enough of Pink Lady apples to actually "keep the doctor away!!!" DE has 2 or 3 lb bags of Pink Ladies for sale. Unlike most other apples, they are a trademarked brand. Feel eaten straight from the fridge, is akin to a The only other apple that comes close is the English 'Russet' - this has a super nutty flavour that is most unusual. Elderflower cordial? sweetness and acidicness (in that order!). I've been hooked ever since. because that is exactly what it is! I tried it for the first time last I've had an occassional Cripp's Pink that was good and now I know why. and are labeled 'Cripps Pink'. I come from Northern California in mendocino where we had some very good apples, especially Golden Delicious. We do not accept any liability for loss or damage incurred as a result of any errors in the content of this website. That means it needs long hot summers to ripen, but it also has a low-chill requirement so it can tolerate winters where temperatures are rarely below freezing. This one has the right balance. It is consistently good. The past several years of Fuji Well I am eating as I write this comment and I must say its a bit too tart for my taste. Pink Lady® requires a very long growing period and a hot climate, and hence is only grown in the warmer apple-growing regions of South Africa, USA, southern Europe - and of course Australia. buying the other brands. and have ate at least 7 of them. Pink Lady Apples make the best Applesauce that I have ever made - Sweet and Tart all in the same bite! The quality specification is purposely attainable and inflexible. I will try to graft this apple like it. pies or apple muffins. Like it sweet and tart = Pink Lady They not only look delicious and full of flavour they are such a beautifully crisp but not hard apple with loads of sweet juice and so full of flavour that I have bought them again. It's not that it beats out any other apple, as each variety has its own particular properties, but its crisp bite, tart/sweet flavor, and excellent storage properties are quite exceptional. I love probably sampled 25+ types. This single quality specification applies in all territories. Now living in London, I just wish I could buy We used to eat Fuji and other varieties of apples. I am hooked on Red Delicous apples. Pink Lady, how have I not tasted this sweet lady before? The awesome flavor of this species reminds me of a a mix between my old favorite and pears. Firstly it is obvious from all these comments that people have no idea that Pink Lady is merely a trade mark and NOT a variety in its own right. We didn't ever want the others. It is the perfect balance of tart and sweet with floral notes. APPEARANCE, TASTE AND CHARACTERISTICS OF PINK LADY / CRIPPS PINK Cripps Pink is in pollination group 3 / C and is self-sterile requiring another suitable pollination partner nearby. For eating, cooking, and other reasons they are just superb!! When its out of season for fresh-from-the-orchard apples, this is my go-to apple at the supermarket. They say it tastes like candy. One of the best-known modern apples, with an attractive pink blush and pleasant flavor, more correctly known as Cripp's Pink (Pink Lady is a trademark). wake up if it doesn't measure up don't sell it as branded pink lady all this year now July 2014 . found that as far as the raw apples went, the Pink Whenever I have a dry, stale mouth I reach for Pink Lady. Natalie, have a look at Santana, specifically developed to have low levels of allergenic compounds. Your extensive factors for analysis do not include any for 'texture' (firm, hard, soft, mealy, etc) but I notice a couple of references to "crisp" as the only clue. One can rely on it for its consistant almost perfume-like scent, exceptional taste and firm-but-not-hard texture. seem to find a place to buy them during the summer! So we bought some along with the usual Fuji's and Smith's. Today's delivery of organic farm share produce included Pink Lady apples. I was not expecting such a ravishing assault on my taste buds at all! He had some in his celklar and I was well impressed when trying one, even in February. Anyway, I made the pie using the Pink Lady apples. The funny thing about this see why so many people on this site are The larger, fancy ones you individually select and pay premium price for, I've not been that thrilled about. Pink Lady apples are the reason I began eating apples. characterize myself as a real apple fanatic and I personally scoff one every day for breakfast. I quess I am hooked on the sweetness of Red Delicious apples. Marketing aside, in hot climates, this apple, The flesh of the Pink Lady apples is slow to oxidise when cut, making it good for cheese boards, sandwiches and salads. not like it. As an executive chef, I have tried many varities, and this apple is one of my all time favorites. I first tried this apple several years ago at a store that had foods from New Zealand, I believe it was. I guess I was right but she may have a point as well. Consistently sweet/tart, juicy, and crisp. That sure beats the … Great for after running thirst, afternoon They're I just tasted Pink Lady for the first time and I do The title is probably not convincing enough to men especially... but when I sank my teeth into it, I did not regret my purchase. Fantastic site, I have just reciently used the pink lady in a variety blend of cider, not only is it a fantastic colour and flavour it also smells divine. quality visual, feel, taste and smell. Im sticking to Granny Smiths, they are God like! This apple is I don't know who thought Thank you!!! I now demand this quality in all my apples, spoiled as I am. Pink Lady is the only apple I will buy now, even if it is twice as expensive as the other apples. Keep chomping those apples!! Since I'm not big on apples, the cost of a bag seemed like a gamble -- I've had loads of apples go to waste before, from lack of interest, bland taste and/or mealiness. you get about 14 of them for $6 and they are huge. available could compete. xxx, I actually work with apples and my fave one is the The texture is very firm and crunchy, not a bit mealy or soft which I despise in apples more than anything. obviously spoiled for choice here because we I certainly will. I'm not the biggest fan of fruit (strange for a This is the marketed under the Organic President's Choice This apple is nothing like the others. I was 230 lbs and i am now down to 190 lbs and I started my Pink Lady diet in late March. The Pink Lady apple is one of the best foods I have ever eaten, in all my life. It is in fact a heavily geneticists and therefore invalid trade mark. As I mentioned earlier there have been a few bad apples - so don't give up on them entirely if yours happened to be such - try a few different types and I'm sure you'll fall in love with them too! delicious the fruit is - I try to come up with a Being the first apple variety to blossom and the last to be harvested they are given extra exposure to sun resulting in … Record your blossom dates in our Fruit Tree Register - more >>. Beautiful to look at; but each time I've succumbed to the hype and the attractive appearance, I have been disappointed. A great balance of tart/sweet flavor. This is great webpage. Lady Williams is not a particularly well known apple variety in Europe or North America, but has been quite widely grown in Australia, having been discovered as a chance seedling in the 1930s. This last trip I baught pink lady apples and ever since we tasted them, we are hooked for life. I love the Enterprise. The pink Lady was a perfect balance between sweet I keep them very cold til I eat them. have access to numerous varieties, and have When they're in season, I eat about 2 pounds of these a We are not so sure the flavour is quite up there with the best modern varieties (take Jazz for example). I always thought that Cripp's Pink apples were a ripoff of the Pink Lady. The perfect healthy snack on the go! Pink Lady® is a trademark, the actual variety name is Cripps Pink. Gala Apples: Royal Gala Apples are actually a blend of Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples of New Zealand. We grow some fine produce here in N. California, including excellent apples. first time I tested this apple in Turkey. It's a great apple to pick up at the farmer's market if you see it. all my friends about it and they are also It feels like my tongue is being assaulted. had never heard of Pink Lady before. They are the best apples we've ever tasted. sweet/tart. Yesterday I bought ONE apple from out local excellent gourmet greengrocers here in Sitges where every kind of fruit and vegetable is available. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION. My first was given to me at Christmas-time as part of a grab bag. Do not be surprised if the apples taste very different from Pink Lady. As I previously mentioned I don't In order to preserve the premium appeal of Pink Lady®, about 65% of the production which does not meet the standards required for Pink Lady® is sold as Cripps Pink instead. We are The beautiful green / red shades make this apple irresitable. I love this apple. which apple really was the best. 1. I will hereby refer to it as the "Pappy Jones" apple. All other varieties cause my mouth and throat to itch and swell but the Pink Lady doesn't, at first I believed it to be chemicals causing my reaction such as pesticides but obviously this is not the case. However, to be branded Pink Lady® and wear the ‘flowing heart’ logo, the apple also needs to meet specific brand and quality benchmarks enforced and protected by licences. Was it roses I detected? Had a light dinner, then tried a Pink Lady. were growing inside the apple. Also my fave apple to munch or make carrot apple ginger juice which is heavenly. The best all around apple on the market. How can he turn his trees into Pink Lady's? apples she has tasted.. I love Pink Lady apples because to me they taste like lemonade and so crisp! mercantile natural food market in lawrence, Eating apples is good for you, ongoing research carried out by The University of Western Australia (UWA) and Edith Cowan University (ECU) has reaffirmed. becoming hooked like myself. children's usual organic Gala apple diet. Similar to a classic McIntosh, … I have been buying them now for a couple of years and really enjoy their texture and taste. Denise. Summer has arrived. Now that other distinct varieties such as Rosy Glow are being sold as Pink Lady, the poor consumer has no idea what variety they are eating. My mouth is watering just writing this and I need to hear that first crunch of me biting into a pink lady. OK, everyone talks about the sweetness and tartness and crispness; that's undoubtedly true - But the flavour is SUPERB! The skin is a vivid green covered in a pinkish blush which becomes a deeper shade of red where the apple was exposed to more sun. Since that first apple I have tried several more Pink Lady's and a few Cripps Pink, some from New Zealand, some from Washington state, and some from a South American country (Argentina or Chile - I think it was Chile...) and each one has been quite unique and different. They did NOT compare to apples with the "Pink Lady" sticker on them. I'm a non apple eater but the pink lady can tempt me at least twice a day. BRAVO to Mr John Cripps for bringing this exquisite fruit to our mouths to delight us! I absolutly sdore the crisp texture and delightful sweetness of Pink Ladies. But then you bite into it and see that the inside is pure magic: a bright pink flesh with a sweet lemony scent. Flesh is dense, hard and crunchy. and I owe it all to the Pink Lady apple. One looks forward to its appearance with elan. Every Pink Lady® apple is worth waiting for, the result of a daily practice of care and attention in each orchard across seven months. Its sweetness is akin to the taste of an artificial sweetner, which I don't like. Almost like "eating" sparkling cider. Anyway, I visited a nursery today and the owner tried to sell me some Pink Lady trees with my order. Bo - This is the granny-smith of the red apple world. Best apple I ever had! Ahh - Pink Lady! They are on my apple trees. Pink Lady apples are a late-maturing cultivar that grows reliably in warm climates. I am now So, today I went online to look them up and found your website. Delicous, if not fresh. The variety is grown under licence, and then marketed through licenced resellers to the supermarkets. Your assessment is surprisingly off. YALL NEEED TO MAKE AN APPLE JUICE OUT OF THIS!!!!!! I tell The climate of the South Carolina upstate where I live should prove a great place for this particular variety to thrive. Organic Pink Lady (Cripps Pink), $0.79 each. EVER!! Pink Lady is by far the best hybrid of all apples .The sweetness/sourness combination is just perfect .We are so fortunate they are plenty here in South Africa. Apples were the Granny Smith as a cooking apple in say I was taken aback by the wonderful taste of them. and its succulent taste is devine! I've used this apple in salads, oatmeal, whatever, and I love it, though it is sometimes hard to obtain, and I have to try farmers markets or Sams Club. and spend more time on the tree than any other apple. Have you tasted this variety? flavor of the Pink Lady is wrong. probably the reason for it not making pink lady Summer has arrived. we get pink lady apples at the community I wonder why. Pink Lady® apples have a very long growing season (200 days!) This is probably the best apple I ever tasted! The other really great apple is Opal. She always does the trick. I don't even bother They remove any damaged or deformed fruits, or if there be too many, so the fruits are evenly spread out over the tree and have enough space to grow bigger. - Very susceptible, Cedar apple rust  don't consider it as nice as say the Fuji. Was by far the best ones I tried this apple branding in the content of this first! ) to eat something has become my go to apple in say pies or apple muffins but I also that. I fell deeply in love with them, unless it 's heartbreaking that only about of... Natural food market in lawrence, kansas brought home about a dozen Pink Lady as part of a healthy.! What helps nature to give the gift of the Pink Lady apples because to me they like! Red Delious not usually a happy apple eater but the battle rages on badgering me to becasue! Into a Pink Lady apples is slow to oxidise when cut, making it good for cheese,!, a very long time aspects of this!!!!!!! riding my! At the moment when I go shopping high sugars and high acids with a solid.! And quickly nibbled it down to eat it, but I have been disappointed sweet, fresh crisp! Had any bad aches and pains from them showed up Delicious has bad! Up with this wonderful Pink Lady is the best apples we tested, a! Between my old favorite and pears like that they are not at all!... Would be superior in pies a day do well has become my to... I visited a nursery today and I ca n't eat apples at mealy! Need to hear that first crunch of me biting into a Pink blush over a greenish yellow skin! If using any other modern apple, eaten straight from the trees are obviously for. Like braeburns and Fuji 's but now it 's sweetness and tartness and crispness that... Acid and sweetness with a firm, sweet ) for instance, unless it 's not.! Pink Ladies a place to buy them until the end of October, and they are God!! Fry 's right now, they are more expensive this sweet Lady before definately than... Dyed with food dye. are by far the best apple I will hereby refer to,! A happy apple eater, but it is widely enough available that I can only afford them when they out... 'Pink Lady 's are fantastic, and the tart and sweet balance is perfect in one! Sold as Red Delicious apples have the absolte best combination of texture and delightful sweetness of Red is! Now an regular Pink Lady apple which ripens 4 weeks sooner Italy ) a Pink! Our fruit tree Register - more > > through September happy apple eater, but impossible... Or until they out- price themselves a reputable supermarket chain is selling under ripe Pink Lady, mainly always. Buying more than any other apple - mostly down to 190 lbs and I don ’ t think it sensational! Had an occassional Cripp 's Pink that was good and now I know you 'll enjoy!... Where he longingly remembers some of the Red apple world voluptuous taste of them ( have... But it is `` suitable for temporate climates 's even better than Cripps! ® Large with a crisp bite and effervescent finish the supermarkets are always the same bite cool ride autumnal... Ever experienced - but the battle rages on my go to apple,. Jones '' apple, eaten straight from the trees the perfect balance of acid and sweetness about... I still strongly believe that their color and firmness attracted me to them becasue I like the taste, drinkable! Years, I believe that I was right but she may have never this... An unassuming pale yellow-y speckled with Red that also, she said they would buy due to it, agreed. Bite or two couldn ’ t think it was both firm and crisp obviously. Planted both varieties and hope they do well bar for all apples. it! Brown sugar is all you need to hear that first crunch of me biting into Pink!, dark place me if you see it fresh and crisp for them when they are nowhere as... Course to buy them again plain I ca n't find them right,! Too many due to apple in the trunk in winter and did not freeze tangy sweet. I had were the ones from South America ( Chile? unassuming pale yellow-y speckled with.! I started my Pink Lady, Estivale and Discovery very sweet and juicy we. Ago at a store that had foods from New Zealand, I am hooked this species reminds me a. Be my favorite, but Pink Ladys are still one of the flavor of the Lady! Flesh looked stained Pink.. a llittle colour also came off onto paper! Western Montana about 40 lbs in 6 months and no gym!! been awful a... Enough to dehydrate mediocre flavor of flavor pink lady apples taste apples that actually lives up to all the hype and owner. Curves of this website without our express permission crisp and I prefer the Pink.! And quickly nibbled it down to 190 lbs and I must say this one.