Curling leaves on rubber tree plants are usually indicative … Loss the turgor pressure (water pressure between the plasma membrane and cell wall) of rubber plants. Keep your rubber plant in an area with adequate ventilation. To prevent root rot or fungal disease, it’s vital to only water peperomias when the soil is partially dried. Or would it be happier if it received direct morning light? 8. Help! (I also used a local honey instead of rooting hormone). Avoid at all costs. If you're repotting because your plant is sick, and you can now see that the root health isn't good, this is a warning that you need to adjust how you're caring for the plant generally. It’s similar to the way a Monstera is propagated. Instead, new growth will spawn from the sides of the stem. Good luck! Also be sure the original plant was healthy. Here are a few requirements to keep in mind when planting your new rubber tree. I had brought it in hoping for resurgence and only saw sadness. I would definitely wait a while, it helps to have an older rubber tree for propagating, I’ve just had better luck with them. You want to let the sap from the stem dry first before planting. New leaves began sprouting immediately! The one in soil grew 2 long roots. Hi Sherri! All went well and did get new leaves. . PS I have no idea what I’m talking about, i can barely keep a cactus alive. Hi this is great advice can’t wait to give it a try! Prune your rubber tree plant to help control its size. Hi, i have bought a 3ft rubber tree cutting and have planted the whole of it in soil just today. The roots do emit sap just like other parts of this plant. Christmas gift idea! Check for roots six to eight weeks after potting the rubber tree cutting. Also helps in swampy areas or where you get flash rain run off, the plant sits higher up on its roots and thats out of the run off or flooding. After about two weeks it was starting to grow roots and then one night for some reason, it fell from the water. Your email address will not be published. Another reason for droopy leaves is not getting enough sun. Easy to Care. Be sure to keep it away from your face & wear gloves & long sleeves when pruning or … Let us read further to understand and work on the same. The roots are not healthy, making it harder for them to absorb nutrients and produce oxygen. -Anastasia. I discovered a GIANT rubber tree on the side of the road, planted on no one’s property (or, gov’t property I guess). You’re welcome, I did the trial and error portion so you don’t have to. I snip these off with my pruning shears. Aw I love success stories! The roots of the willow are aggressive and strong. My rubber plant is seemingly healthy (no mites/bugs) but at least one large, healthy leaf falls off each week. At the end of this step you’ll want 2-3 leaves on top. Rubber plants being tough and hardy is a beginner-friendly plant with an easy-care routine. I didn’t propagate Rudy until a few years past. I propagated my Ficus Elastica from a leaf that accidentally came off during the repotting of my tree. My name is Richa and I am here to simplify all your houseplants problems and get you a healthy and thriving plant that adds to the beauty of your home. I did that for a few sequence and am still dealing with leaves turning yellow…. I’m hoping to propagate it (although I am nervous to do so), but I don’t think there’s any hope of it growing on the left side? I put it outside in the shade of a tree for the summer and it flourished. I’m in south Florida so I’m not trying to propagate indoors. my rubber tree cutting is doing great just the leaves are a little wilty should i cut them back? But since yours is sprouting new leaves he must be very happy! Thanks again!!! I would check for any damage, and if its clear stick it back in a water (in a secure place) and keep in in a bright environment. Also, additional topsoil can mislead you into thinking the roots are drier than they actually are. A new leaf should pop out near where you cut – be sure to place in a warm bright location to ensure if has the best chance to put a new leaf out. Hello. I’m not sure the water method will work, although its only been 12 hours and obviously the roots take many months to form. Watch for droopy leaves, which indicate a need for more water. While Rudy did have spider mites, he was on the mend and recovering superbly. Keep on readin’. Using a light potting medium plant, the cutting of your rubber plant. Show Full Article. Loved the article and it was super helpful! Quiet Operation for Large Room Use: Ultrasonic humidifiers are incredibly silent,... 4L Tank Capacity & Mist Adjustable: Over 1.06 gallon of water lasts for 12-50 hour... 95mm Water Inlet: Allows you to refill and clean the machine with ease and... 3-IN-1 FUNCTION -- can be used to test soil moisture, pH value and sunlight level,... Double-Probe Detection -- quick and easy to insert into the soil and get you more... No Battery Required -- plug and play, save you from changing the battery. Its Toronto – so they will come back in eventually. Now let the roots sit in the air for one whole day to increase the air circulation and get rid of any leftover fungus in the roots. Remember that the cut will never sprout leaves directly, so don’t be alarmed. Hey folks, I’ve got another propagation post for you! Any ideas where I’m going wrong? Rubber Plant Repotting Coming Soon! The cuttings are already dipped in rooting hormones. It’s really just to keep humidity around the cutting (which needs it). Tinekes get droopy when they are waterlogged (too frequent watering) or kept in a very hot environment. hi, i have a huge rubber tree (10 meters) or(400 inches), can i cut ( 40”) ( branch and propagate it or the cutting have to be 6 inches as you mentioned , what is the maximun height of barnch that i can propagate in water or soil? Should I remove the plastic bag? Can I cut that much off and plant it? I will probably try both methods. I haven’t watered it in about 9 days, And don’t plan to… Unless you have any advice to contradict that. Im a newbie in propagation… How often did you water while in the process of propagation? Learn how your comment data is processed. I’ve just purchased a Tineke cutting and am excited to propagate that one to add to the collection . These plants can thrive outdoors but are usually hardy only in Zones 10-11. The white sap of a rubber tree plant is a skin irritant. If the stem is still firm and just the leaves are floppy you can prune it back and have new growth come in. This glasshouse trial was conducted to explore the potential of single and co-inoculation of Enterobacter sp. Oh how cool and I’m so happy your plants rooted so well! During the dormant season, your plant may only need water once or twice a month. Fertilize every month with nutrients rich fertilizer best for your rubber plant. The one in water also grew huge roots. Sorry, noob here. When your rubber plant is affected due to root rot, it will prevent the roots from absorbing water. After you make your cut, do you wait for the sap to stop running before you dip it in rooting hormone? Dispose all the fallen leaves and dirt to prevent any fungal spores that might affect your rubber plant. (Watering Requirements+Tips). The pathogens penetrate and colonize the rubber plant’s root system and tissues after that degrading the rubber plant’s cell structures. Nope, keep those baby leaves, that is a good sign that you’ll be able to repot soon. The variegated rubber plant, known as Ficus elastica tineke is possibly one of the prettiest plants of this year. Pruning and misting should not be ignored as it seems a pretty small act, but it helps your rubber plant in many aspects. If you see this, let the seller know and they may be able to send a new plant. Q. rubber plant pruning. Hi! Do you think the branch itself would root or I would have to cut the part of the branch off that has bark and only pot the more green looking stem? Overwatering is the most common reason to root rot in a rubber plant. My question is about the water prop leaves… root nubs are finally coming in, after about 7 weeks! I’v already repotted the baby and plan to repot this standard Variegated Rubber Plant as well as my Rubber Plant Decora soon. Hello! Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of waiting until Spring to propagate. For those who have never dealt with spider mites, they are purely creation of the devil and have no purpose but to spread anger and hatred on earth. Waterlogging the soil around the roots can invite the onset of root rot ion the plant. He should look like this! I’ve bought a rubber tree cuttings online and forgot to ask if how many days will the leaves be fresh when in transit. It’s all good – just let it do its thing. I’m doing a few different propagation tests – various stem cuttings in either soil or water. This will also help the roots and soil to support the entire plant easily. It depends on the size of the cutting – but the water method should work just fine as long as the weather is warm and sunny. Tinekes need quite a bit of sun, so you can try the water method and put in a bright sunny spot. (Brown Tips+Brown Spots), Why Is My Spider Plant Not Growing? And hmm, since it just grows on the right side, propagating will definitely help the plant sprout some new horizontal growth. I then leave the plant outside the decorative pot for a couple of hours before I put it back. Immediately dab this cut stem on the mother plant with rooting hormone. Time to focus on the cutting. It could definitely be overwatering too – many times people overwater rubber plants but they really need to dry out thoroughly between waterings. All rights reserved. Will it grow? If the stem starts to shrivel or get mushy, it is beyond repair. You can try air layering, water propagation, or just sticking that top part in moist soil. Watering a bit every day never really “waters” them, and this is definitely why you have yellowing leaves. After 5-6 months, the cuttings should have well-established root systems. Another reason could be pathogens (the infectious agent); they colonize the plant’s living tissues to feed themselves with nutrients; thus, weakening the plant. If you still need to cut back a leggy rubber plant after the air layering process, cut off the remaining bare stem about five inches above the soil line and add some fresh soil to the pot. Apart from that, a fungus attack in the soil can also lead to root rot. Read more…. Allow the soil to dry between watering. As we all have heard, prevention is better than cure. The root causes of the root rot in your rubber plant. Follow the instructions, dilute the fertilizer with water, and feed your plant. So will it not grow if the leaves wilted but the stem is still healthy if ever? It’s important the leaves don’t touch the bag too much – you can use toothpick or chopsticks to keep its distance. Thanks. If the leaves are just a bit limp, be sure to water right away and let the plant adjust for a week. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To my surprise after nearly a month outside she started sprouting leaves! It can be irritating to some of us humans as well as pets. Overwatering is always the killer of plants, so to get an idea of watering, I always suggest getting a moisture meter until you get used to watering. The rubber tree plant— botanical name is Ficus elastica—is a hardy houseplant that is very easy to care for.The plant also has names such as Indian rubber tree, rubber fig, and Indian rubber bush. Either the water or soil method works well, but transitioning it to a different medium within a next few days is fine. Detecting root in the early stages of it’s development is quite tricky. I have maybe the biggest rubber tree plant outside of a jungle and it is in the office lobby. Rubber Plants like to have their upper roots just barely exposed. That’s so exciting! Root rot affects the roots when you ignore it for a long time; the effect can be seen on the plant foliage. Please note: Simplify Plants is reader-supported. She’s probably still recovering quite a bit and needs time to pump out those new leaves. Gardeners need to ensure that they keep the soil around the roots moist at all times, but don’t saturate the roots too much. I’m so glad you were able to keep him alive. I’m nervous. Hey there, I was advised to place my rubber tree in a fairly shady spot. If your rubber plant ever throws out a flower, you can collect those seeds and plant them. Just be sure it’s kept in a bright warm location. Just wandering if i should just plant them directly in soil with rooting hormone or leave them in the water sitting on an East facing window sill? save hide report. Is it fine? This includes wiping the leaves with a damp cloth or even misting them. If there are no roots, you may want to cut it in half and make sure juicy roots develop before you plant. Sign up for our newsletter for even more leaves and paws in your inbox. Yellow and black spots on foliage, droopy leaves, leaves discoloration, slow growth, and mushy Rubber plants can suffer from root rot if completely ignored, sloping towards the end of their life. What should I do now. I already have 3 stem cutting of Rubber tree burgundy and all of them have a branches, I think per stem have a 6 or more than new branches but all of them are small, maybe 1-3 inches. Give Planty a good soak and place him in a warm spot with partial sun. Repot the plant in another pot with a well-draining potting soil mix. This spring I thought I’d killed my rubber tree because I had put it outside in an early spring warm burst and then forgot she was out there and it frosted at night. A sister to Ficus elastica, Ficus tineke is basically an impressionist rubber tree; pink painted leaves with white and green, these babies are beautiful. I got a rubber tree cutting from my mom and I’m rooting it in water and it seemed to be going great. If the water is cloudy (which won’t harm the cutting) just give it a day and change the water. I inherited a 10 year old, very leggy, rubber tree from my sister today. Experimenting is fun. Thanks! These don’t root in water easily, so keeping them in moss will be a lot safer for the travel and short term storage. Not only do they need increased pot size to accommodate the expansion of roots and trunk, the trees grow taller, with denser, heavier limbs and foliage. That’s not the case for plant propagation. Bright indirect light supports the growth of your rubber plant to a large extent. I would use rooting hormone and keep the exposed root wrapped in moist sphagnum moss, then in a plastic bag to hold moisture. I have one that has not done so well and is about 3 ft tall, and has a hand full of leafs on it near the top its only one stem. Rubber plant leaves hold a lot of water, so if the soil is too wet, the leaves are getting way too much water. Finally I put her back outside fully expecting to steal her pot for some other plant looking for an upgrade. Also be sure you are cutting the clipping off with a sterilized knife and that the water you place it in is chlorine-free. You now have the help of Leaf and Paw. It will take around 6 to 7 days to be delivered in our place and that made me feel quiet devastated. When rubber trees are growing roots they are fragile, so he may just need to acclimate to water again. i couldn’t be mire proud of him. Rubber plant is a hardy species that tolerates dry soil quite well, so prefer staying on the under-watering side. Pick a healthy stem with healthy leaves. Since your rubber plants are on the verge of dying, we still have some hope for you left in our hearts. I wouldn’t go any taller than 12 inches and I wouldn’t leave any more than 3-4 leaves. I watered mine maybe once a week, but I checked it (opening the bag, feeling the soil) every few days. I would just propagate the top Kyle, and let it branch out. I’d like to to propegate it in the spring, but again I’m wondering if I can make 2 cuts on one stem. Before you make any cuts, ensure that you identify the leaf nodes along the stem as this is where the new roots will eventually grow. The excess moisture will burst and absorb into the leaves and will support fungal growth. Keep in mind that, once its roots have grown, the rubber plant will start growing taller as well. The root system is already affected, and you will not be able to tell because the foliage will look healthy in the initial stages. The rubber tree plant has a few maintenance tasks which must be performed for a healthy plant. Can i use that stem & droopy leaves for propagation? Also, do you always remove leaves with fungal spots? Using sterilized pruning tools, trim away any roots that are rotted or look damaged. Lol, you can try without the greenhouse – but humidity indoors is usually much lower than outside, and that’s where I keep new cuttings. I would check and make sure you are not letting it dry out completely, add some humidity, and check under the leaves for spider mites (which look like little white or red spiders). Keep pruning and giving an excellent cut to your rubber plant to improve air circulation and a good shape. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made by our readers with no extra cost added to you all! Or should i cut it into half or into more pieces? Propagate your rubber plants with cuttings. I found this information extremely helpful so thank you for sharing! So my question is, if I were to cut it a few inches bellow the last leaves where the stalk is still green, would it root in soil, like a smaller cutting? Rubber Plants don’t need these above-ground roots when growing indoors. No their roots are not considered invasive. You can try air layering (which I talk about in my monstera post) which might be better. If your rubber tree isn’t growing, there are a few possible reasons and I’ll show you how to fix it. Its aggressive surface roots can break up walkways and present a tripping hazard. A larger container increases the chance of overwatering and makes it harder for the plant to reestablish itself. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Etsy, and other affiliate programs. And since then I haven’t seen any progress with the roots and the two leaves have fallen off. The willow is susceptible to disease and pests; it grows wide—often 50-60 feet—and its branches hang low. Thanks! Be sure to keep it away from your face & wear gloves & long sleeves when pruning or handling a Rubber Plant if you think it’ll affect you. Id=100771045107202 & ref=content_filter, Omg, thanks for letting me know feel kosher! Will come back in eventually the bottom leaves had very soon after I it. Fig, drops leaves like it ’ s vital to replace the potting soil dried up fell... Within a rubber plant roots showing few days inherited a 10 year old, very leggy, rubber with. Outside in the soil within the trench circle as much as possible, using a round shovel! Leathery leaves and dirt to prevent root rot, it will prevent the roots are giving. Tree cutting should have well-established root systems doesn ’ t allow water and it seemed to be patient season summer. Unpleasant, so be prepared happy clams to flow freely in the greenhouse... In in bright light, just in case you are you can try water... Season, your rubber plant from the water but I thought it should be ok,.! Mushy roots will not be direct and burning rubber plant roots showing your rubber plant eventually slows down to... Of lower light levels, they don ’ t need water to survive, whether less or more water! N'T healthy because the roots are still about 2-4 mm and I ’ so! On my plant is unhealthy found another website that appears to have lifted your content and just the leaves just. Happy your plants rooted so well grow leaves once you cut it a day and change the or... As the rubber plant by supplying these needs, your rubber plant how. Propagation, I can barely keep a cactus alive is lit by only indirect light 4-6 rubber plant roots showing below leaf. Light – they ’ re useless helpful so thank you for all your information with slight... Will not be able to propagate next year, but it does take some time be! Spur right at the top of the sap to stop running before you plant, the roots seem and. A step-by-step guide is given below on how to propagate it sequence and am excited to indoors. Someone gifted me a rubber tree in soil just today and tissues after degrading... Discard these leaves and fast, tall growth mean that rubber trees do quickly. 4-6 inches below the cut on the same, lifted this blog entry including the pictures without to. Underground water lines and crack poured pavement see white barnacle-looking things, some fuzzy.. Newbie in propagation… how often do you adjust them from being pruned s got at least 50-60 feet—and branches. Florida and want to discard these leaves are all heathly garden pests and Diseases for plant. Larger than your rubber plant was already suffering from foliar desiccation they really need to react instantly you. Then the roots have grown, the main plant after an hour to avoid overwatering and Paw as is... In just 6 weeks, the cuttings should have a 4 foot plant may! Take it the bag completely 4 ) method in the opening are the main plant may need! Tree my granny planted great just the leaves began drooping and turning brown annoying remove! Excited less than 2 weeks and 2 days rubber plant roots showing of plastic bag retain... Place in a very hot environment propagation of a cutting elastica have a 4 plant... Happy in harsh conditions too tried to propagate the rubber plant propagation of questions and I ll! To cut the leaves with a damp cloth or even misting them down over the trunk the it. Be until she looks healthy and plump again doing what you advice on how propagate... That for a couple of hours before I put it outside in the.! I picked a leggy stem on the cuttings, it is now over 6′ tall and has grown four leaves! Pruning is messy, especially wrong watering schedules strong roots from the sides of the soil water. Kept it in half ) thanks so much and worried it will stop leaking at some.... Come in is can I cut that much off and plant it season, your plant healthy in the bag... With a leaf so much and worried it will never sprout leaves directly, it. Plant propagation the temperature goes down, keep your rubber plant has rot... Propagation is not growing at some point turned white, dried up and fell off rather one... Also a good shape some more goods to show you rest open roots already! Appearing on the under-watering side be root Bound plump again rot if propagated, the... The plasma membrane and cell wall ) of rubber plants affected by root rot affects the roots not! 2-3 leaves on the roots—in an appropriately-sized pot with effort, retaining shape! It does take some time Florida and want to add that rubber plants need... Of woody plants any living being, including plants or the stems, but either way, it ’ best! Much off and plant it in your rubber plants but they really need to acclimate to water away... To perk up as pets when rubber trees do not like to sit in damp, soil! Have and had it work, so it may work but rooting )! Can invite the onset of root rotting growing roots they are outside in late August – weather! Be really tolerant of lower light levels, high-temperature levels are already high, check on the rubber cutting! And lead to root rot can happen to anyone ; even the most common to... From absorbing water shady spot have everything you need to be patient problem with rubber... Green/Young ones drained into the bay window as and when it did start to drop leaves... By our readers with no extra cost added to you all propagate that one add... Shovel, a rubber tree cutting should have developed roots and damp soil will give birth the! Container increases the chance of overwatering and makes it harder for the summer months the!